Video: Sebastian Diezig: Top Gun Variations for cello solo (2012)

This is so far my largest work as a composer. I wrote the piece in 2012.
Inspiration is obviously the great “Top Gun Anthem” that genius composer Harold Faltermeyer composed as the soundtrack for the Hollywood Blockbuster “Top Gun” from which i adapted the original theme to the cello. All the following variations are my own work. I hope Harold Faltermeyer doesn’t mind the use of his “Top Gun Anthem” as the theme for my “Top Gun Variations”. I tried to contact him to know for sure but didn’t get an answer. Please let me know if I violate a copyright and I will take this video down immediately.
Concert took place in Fribourg, Centre le Phénix on January 13, 2013.

Sebastian Diezig, Cello


Video: Sebastian Diezig: Blues for cello solo (2007)

I wrote this piece during my studies in 2007 and use it often as an encore. The recording was made in Fribourg, centre le Phénix on January 13, 2013.

Sebastian Diezig, Cello

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