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Here is how ordering Diezig’s sheet music works:

Place your order today using this contact form. I will answer personally as quickly as possible to give you the necessary information regarding payment (I accept PayPal or bank transfer) and sheet music delivery.

“I am sincerly convinced that these pieces will enrich any recital. They are liked by audiences, original and exploit the possibilities of the cello in a virtuosic and stylish way. But check it out for yourselves – see the free video recordings.”
– Sebastian Diezig

Available sheet music:

Top Gun Variations op. 2 for cello solo:

Price: 25 CHF (DIEZIX EDITION, computer print with Diezig’s fingerings and bowings, 5 pages).
Duration: ca. 8 min
Level of difficulty: 90% / difficult / for professional virtuosos.

Live Video of Top Gun Variations:

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Blues op. 1 for cello solo:

Price: 10 CHF (DIEZIX EDITION, computer print with Diezig’s fingerings and bowings, 2 pages).
Duration: ca. 2 min
Level of difficulty: 50% / medium difficulty (1st to 4th position, comfortable double-stops) / for advanced cellists.

Live Video of Blues for cello solo:

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