Video: Johan De Meij “Casanova” (2000) für Cello und Blasorchester

Live-Aufnahme vom 16.11.2013, Kerns, Dossenhalle

Sebastian Diezig, Cello
Beat Blättler, Dirigent
Harmoniemusik Kerns

“Casanova” für Solocello und Blasorchester von Johan De Mein ist unter Cellisten so etwas wie ein Geheimtipp. Oft steht das Stück im Schatten des bekannteren Werkes für die gleiche Besetzung – dem Gulda-Cellokonzert. Johan De Meijs Cellokonzert ist meiner Meinung nach aber vielseitiger und tiefgründiger. Hoffentlich wird es in Zukunft öfters gespielt. Ich danke dem Dirigenten Beat Blättler und seinem Orchester, der Harmoniemusik Kerns für das schöne Konzert!

Video: Sebastian Diezig: Top Gun Variations for cello solo (2012)

This is so far my largest work as a composer. I wrote the piece in 2012.
Inspiration is obviously the great “Top Gun Anthem” that genius composer Harold Faltermeyer composed as the soundtrack for the Hollywood Blockbuster “Top Gun” from which i adapted the original theme to the cello. All the following variations are my own work. I hope Harold Faltermeyer doesn’t mind the use of his “Top Gun Anthem” as the theme for my “Top Gun Variations”. I tried to contact him to know for sure but didn’t get an answer. Please let me know if I violate a copyright and I will take this video down immediately.
Concert took place in Fribourg, Centre le Phénix on January 13, 2013.

Sebastian Diezig, Cello


Video: Sebastian Diezig: Blues for cello solo (2007)

I wrote this piece during my studies in 2007 and use it often as an encore. The recording was made in Fribourg, centre le Phénix on January 13, 2013.

Sebastian Diezig, Cello

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Blues op. 1 Notenmaterial kaufen



Video: Giovanni Sollima: La Folia


Sebastian Diezig, Cellist, performing Giovanni Sollima’s “La Folia”.
The piece was written in 2007 and has an unusual scordatura requiring the cellist to tune the C string down to a G which gives this double bass sound in the bass lines. I was awarded the special price for the performance of this particular work at Janigro Competition 2008 in Zagreb.
Live Recording October 2, 2011 in Neuchâtel, Chapelle de la Maladière.


Videos: Joachim Jesse: Cello Duo No. 2


Sebastian Diezig


Beat Feigenwinter

play the Cello Duo No. 2

by Joachim Jesse,

recorded February 26. 2011 in Luzern, recording engineer: Jonas Prina. For more of my music visit me on: