Practise Video: Bach Suite No. 6 BWV 1012: Prelude and Courante

Sebastian Diezig, Cello

Übungsvideo für ein anstehendes Konzert in Blitzingen (Schweiz). Die sechste Bach-Suite ist schwierig zu spielen, weil man eine fünfte Saite bräuchte (eine E-Saite oberhalb der A-Saite). Hat heutzutage aber fast niemand mehr. Technisch gesehen ist das Stück daher gute Herausforderung und musikalisch gesehen ist Bach sowieso immer top! Jeder Cellosuite ist ein ganz definierter Charakter, welcher sich durch das ganze Stück zieht, zu eigen. Im Falle der sechsten Suite empfinde ich Heiterkeit und Jubelgesang. Grosse Musik!

Video: Bach 6 Prelude (Practise Video)


I am practising for my upcoming concert in Tafers (Kanton Fribourg) which takes place on october 3/2013 at 20h00 in Gasthof St. Martin. On the programme: Bach 6, Veress Solo Sonata and Diezig Top Gun Variations.
I recorded it quickly and easily with my computer. Audio and video quality is so/so but let’s not care about it too much. The music remains great no matter how you record it. I may post a live recording of the whole suite from the concert if I am satisfied with the outcome. Best regards, Sebastian



Cello Solo from Tchaikovsky “Sleeping Beauty” (Dornröschen)

Sebastian Diezig, Cello

I practised it for the upcoming Ballet production with the Lucerne Symphony in the Luzerner Theater. Unfortunately the ballet got shortened and before the first rehearsal I was told that this solo and many other parts got cut out in order to shorten the piece. Therefore I dexided to share it on Youtube. It’s a very nice cello solo. Audio quality is okay but not great because I recorded it very easily through my computer (Photo Booth).

Video: Antonin Dvorak: Cello Concerto third movement (practise)

In this video you can see me as I run through the last movement of the beautiful Dvorak Cello Concerto. I am getting ready for my concert with the Orchestre de la Ville et de l’Université de Fribourg under the baton of Alexandru Ianos on May 5 at 17h in the Aula Magna, Avenue de l’Europe 20, 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland. Still some minor things to fix but I think I will be fine on the great day.
Hope to see all of you there!
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5.5.2013, 17h, Fribourg, Aula de l’université

Orchestre de la ville et de l’uiversité de Fribourg (OVUF)
Alexandru Ianos, direction
Sebastian Diezig, violoncelle

Dvorak: Danse slave no. 4, op. 46: Tempo di Minuetto (Sousedská)
Dvorak: Concerto pour violoncelle en si mineur, op. 104
Dvorak: Symphonie no. 8 en sol majeur, «l’anglaise», op. 88